Tim Holland: "What Have I Done"

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In Day 9 of the preliminary hearing for Tim and Lisa Holland--charged with the murder of their son--Det. Sgt. Roy Holliday took the stand.

He is Ingham County's lead detective on the case and he testified on a spectrum of the evidence the sheriff's department believes prove Tim and Lisa Holland murdered Ricky.

He detailed things they removed from the Holland's house during search warrants including bloody socks, a bloody t-shirt, and areas of carpeting that were stained. He testified during one of those searches, a detective stopped Lisa Holland and searched her bag as she left the house. That detective found an orange shredded t-shirt with what appeared to be blood on it.

Holliday also testfied to Tim Holland's reaction as detectives recovered his son's body from a gaming area near Dansville. He says Holland led them to the body and fell to his knees, weeping, and cried, "What have I done"