Barb Byrum Announces Her Bid to Be the Next State Representative

Barb Byrum is following in her mother's footsteps, she says she wants to be the next State Representative for the 67th District. Byrum made the announcement Monday, with her family by her side.

Her mother is House Democratic Leader Dianne Byrum. She currently occupies the seat her daughter is running for. Dianne is leaving because of term limits.

Her daughter Barb is a local businesswoman, and says affordable healthcare is one of her main priorities.

"I own a hardware store. One of the ways I compete with the super Wal-Mart down the road is bulk buying. It only makes sense to bulk buy prescription drugs to decrease the cost that is then passed on to the consumer," Byrum said.

Barb Byrum also plans to talk about education and job outsourcing during her campaign. She already received key endorsements from Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth, and UAW Local 602 president Art Luna.