St. Patricks Day Increases D.U.I. Arrests

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St. Patrick's Day and alcohol tend to go hand in hand. And that means the likelihood of people driving while intoxicated increases. Sgt. Chad Southwick, of the Ingham County Sheriff's Department, says the number of D.U.I. arrests increased due to the holiday.

"St. Patrick's Day is one or two of the worst as far as drunk driving incidents. Unfortunately, during nights like last night people are still making poor decisions."

According to many of the law enforcement agencies we contacted, the number of D.U.I's nearly doubled to about 40 total. Although the police and sheriff's departments are always prepared, they urge partygoers to plan ahead too.

"If you wait until you're in the partying mode, you're not thinking clearly and making the best decisions. So if you know you're going out and drinking, have a friend pick you up, take a taxi, or designate a driver. Then you won't have to worry, and you're set for the night."