Last Car Rolls Off the Line at Lansing Craft Centre

The last car rolls off the line at GM's now-closed Lansing Craft Centre. Former workers gathered at the plant in Lansing Township for a somber ceremony to officially close the facility.

Cars filled the lots at the Craft Centre one last time. Workers gathered for something of a closing ceremony for the plant that's served as a GM facility for 65 years.

"It's a sad day," 10-year plant employee Daniel Heuer said.

Employees tell us they saw a GM video remembrance of the plant.

"Different pictures they've taken ... so they can have something to remember it by," Steve Hough, who worked at the Craft Centre for three years, said.

They saw old friends.

"See everybody again. Saying goodbye to people," Heuer said.

And they remembered the work.

"Lot of teamwork. Lots of effort put into making the quality as it goes down the line," Heuer said.

The high-end Chevy SSR pickup has been made 'on the line' at Craft Centre for four years. The ceremony featured the last two to be built. One's headed for a GM museum and the other to an auction. A longtime worker won another of the last few SSRs.

"He had 30 years and was retiring. It was nice to see him get it," Hough said.

Fond memories mixed with sadness and questions about the future.

"Right now it isn't too bad. But as days go on, it may get worse," Hough said.

For Heuer, the day was marked by a profound sense of uncertainty.

"Gotta roll with the punches with GM," he said.

For now, Heuer says, like most former Craft Centre employees, he plans to file for unemployment. After that, he says, maybe the jobs bank, maybe the new Delta Township plant.

"It's up in the air now," Heuer said.

A GM spokeswoman says no decisions have been made on the future of the building. She says the building will be maintained with a small crew and a "transition team."