Lisa Holland's Statement

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On January 26, Lisa Holland requested an interview with police after she'd been arrested for domestic assault.

In a conference room at the sheriff's office, she and detectives talked for 5 1/2 hours. By the end, she told police she believed her husband Tim killed her son.

"Tim took the body out of the house and threatened me. He said if i told anybody that would be the end," she said.

Her story contradicts everything we've heard so far about how Tim Holland told police Lisa killed Ricky. She explains the blood evidence against her.

"In the hallway, she attributed that to a nosebleed," explained Det. Brian Valentine of the Ingham County Sheriff's office.

Lisa said Tim could have snapped. "His mood was like a pendulum- one minute he was fine, the next minute he was irate."

The interview itself is controversial. Lisa's attorneys call it coercion. They say Lisa was guessing so the cops would help her get her children back.

Detective Valentine explained it's a legal tactic. He says the police did mislead Lisa Holland. He also offered his analysis, she misled them as well.

"There was an instance where she literally turned off the tears in the snap of my fingers," he said.

This testimony can be used against Lisa Holland. The court has ruled it cannot be used against her husband Tim.