Grand Ledge School Bond

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Walking the halls of Grand Ledge High School, mother of 3, Ruthann Jaquette, sees urgent need at every turn.

She is one of 42 voters who helped craft a bond proposal for the ballot.
The bulk of the bond focuses on the high school. $32 of 50 million would go to expansions there. It's both an overcrowding remedy,Jjaquette says, and, in places, a safety solution.

"There are places where people could come in unobserved," she says. "As a parent that causes concern."

The district has scaled back it's earlier plans to build a new middle school, and is instead asking for the $49.7 million bond to upgrade other buildings.

Outside the high school, the funds would be split more evenly between every building in the district. On the shopping list--new playgrounds, new classrooms, new parking lots, and in every building, a more efficient energy system and a technology upgrade.

"We have computer labs that are 10 years old," Jaquette explains.

The bond would mean an increase of 1.91 mills per voter, about $95 per year for a Grand Ledge homeowner with a $100,000 dollar property.

Given the fact they've scaled back, Jaquette is hopeful.

"I think anybody who really looks at this proposal will see it's a great value for the investment of their dollars."