Holland Remains

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Dr. Joyce DeJong, Sparrow's forensic pathologist, testified in Ingham County court Monday about her conclusions in the autopsy of Ricky Holland.

They call it "homicide by unspecified means" because, DeJong says, the circumstances around the 7-year-old's death make it clear it was a homicide. How he died, she says, was impossible to tell because the body was so badly decomposed.

Ricky Holland's body was found in a state gaming area near Dansville covered in two plastic trash bags and a bed sheet.

DeJong testified there was evidence of abuse, a significant fracture, and also small size she considered a failure to grow appropriately.

The defense suggested other theories. They asked if a bee sting could have killed Ricky, if he was allergic. DeJong said she couldn't rule out a number of theories, but was confidant Ricky was murdered because of the nature of the death.