Project Safe Neighborhoods

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A new program in Jackson County sends a strong message to those who use illegal firearms.

Project Safe Neighborhoods, a national initiative to reduce gun violence, is being implemented in Jackson County. Jackson Police say the focus is making the streets in the area safe for all.

All firearm offenses committed within the county will be screened. Those cases deemed appropriate for federal prosecution will be referred to the United States Attorney's Office.

Officials say about 40 cases a year will be subject to review. Extended Web Coverage

Project Safe Neighborhoods
America’s Network Against Gun Violence

What is Project Safe Neighborhoods?

Project Safe Neighborhoods is a nation-wide commitment to reduce gun crime by networking existing local programs that target gun crime and providing those programs with additional tools necessary to be successful. The goal is to take a hard line against gun criminals through every available means to create safer neighborhoods.

Project Safe Neighborhoods seeks to achieve heightened coordination among federal, state, and local law enforcement, with an emphasis on tactical intelligence gathering, more aggressive prosecutions, and enhanced accountability through performance measures. The offensive will be led by the newly appointed United States Attorney in each of the 94 federal judicial districts across America.

How will Project Safe Neighborhoods be funded?

Project Safe Neighborhoods commits substantial resources, $558.8 million over two years, and state of the art technology to address gun violence. Funds will be used to hire new federal and state prosecutors, support investigators, provide training, and develop and promote community outreach efforts.

How will each United States Attorney be involved in Project Safe Neighborhoods?

Each local program will be contoured to fit the unique gun crime problem in that district, it will not be the same “one size fits all” program applied uniformly all across America. The United States Attorney will convene all law enforcement participants in a community, identify the most pressing crime problems, and attack those problems through aggressive prosecution and the use of newly developed intelligence gathering systems.

What is the difference between Project Safe Neighborhoods and programs like Project Exile?

Project Safe Neighborhoods expands on existing programs such as Project Exile (Richmond, VA) and Operation Ceasefire (Boston). Project Exile in Richmond focused gun prosecutions in federal court under federal law. Under Project Safe Neighborhoods, criminals who use guns will be prosecuted under federal, state, or local laws, depending on where those laws are the toughest. Project Exile in Virginia coordinated resources statewide. Project Safe Neighborhoods establishes a nation-wide network of programs linked by aggressive cooperation and information sharing.

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