Mystery Hero

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When a child darted out onto a busy four lane road, neighbors on the 200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue were terrified. Frank Kuchar was sitting on his front porch and saw the whole thing.

"That little bugger, he was just sailing. And he came from nowhere. He was on the road in an instant."

Kuchar's neighbor, Tamara Jury, also saw what happened.

"Seeing a little two-year-old boy out there, it almost makes you cry. It was like you got a chill all over your body. It was really scary. I thought the boy was going to get hit for sure."

But thankfully, an anonymous paramedic was driving down the street at the same time and rescued the boy quickly.

Kuchar says the man is a hero. And should be praised.

"The way he handled it, that child's alive today. I mean this guy, that was a miracle what he pulled. He snatched that child up just before he would have been killed."

We contacted local law enforcement and emergency personnel, but no one has come forward.