Red Cedar Overflowing Its Banks at Points

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Rain is in the forecast and that could mean more local flooding in mid-Michigan. The Red Cedar River is already over its banks at two spots in Ingham County.

It was a Springlike day in mid-Michigan, but if you had planned on a day at the park Okemos you were sorely disappointed.

Rising floodwaters at Ferguson Park along the Red Cedar River are keeping that park off limits.

Back in Lansing, floodwaters have turned the Sycamore Golf Course into a lake.

"This is probably the worst I've seen it," Lansing resident Dave McKenna said.

McKenna has lived near the Sycamore Creek -- a tributary of the Red Cedar -- for eight years. For him, seeing the Sycamore overflow its banks isn't all that unusal. But he says he's never seen the waters quite this high.

"It's over the banks all the way up to the park. And the golf course is completely underwater," McKenna said.

The floodwaters at the golf course have submerged recently-set erosion control barriers -- designed to keep water from washing soil away.

"After they did all that construction work, we thought there'd be less water," McKenna said.

Linton Ellis also lives near the park. He says he had a little bit of water in his basement.

"It's not very much (water) for me. I know there are others who got a lot more," Ellis said.

The other neighborhood residents we spoke with say they dodged the flooding this time around.

Ellis says it happens in his home and his neighbors' homes from time to time.

"I've learned to cope with it," Ellis said.

But Ellis and others along the Red Cedar may be facing more serious flooding in predictions of more rain come true.

-- in Okemos and Lansing, Tony Tagliavia, News 10.