Cancer and Infertility Options for Men

Chemotherapy and radiation are good at killing cancer cells but they also harm sperm cell production leaving male patients infertile.

Research shows many men are not being told that sperm banking is an option if they want to have kids later on.

Sperm Banking is a process of collecting and freezing a man's sperm and storing it for artificial insemination sometime later on.

In a recent study, researchers found that doctors didn't inform their patients of the possibility of infertility because of lack of time for discussion, lack of convenient facilities and because they thought it might be too expensive.

When patients were surveyed, most men said they wanted the information.

If you're a man who wants to have children sometime in the future, ask your doctor about any treatments that might affect your fertility.

Infertility doesn't just affect cancer patients, but certain drugs and surgeries can render men infertile also.