Forensic Anthropologist on Ricky Holland

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Prosecutors resume their case against the Hollands in Day 6 of a preliminary hearing that will determine if there is enough evidence to try the couple for murder and child abuse.

Dr. Todd Fenton of MSU testified he found 5 fractures, two in the shoulder region, and 3 in the nasal region.

Two on the nose were healing at the time of Ricky's death. Fenton estimates they happened 2 weeks before Ricky died. The other injuries, Fenton says, happened at or just before the time of death.

Fenton says blood stains on Ricky's skull match the shape of a hammer recovered from the Holland home. Prosecutors have put forth a theory Lisa Holland bludgeoned her son to death with a hammer. Fenton says, however, he tested for fractures to the skull and found none.

He says other injuries clearly indicate child abuse. He also says the size of Ricky's bones suggests he was developmentally delayed in growth.

The defense suggests Ricky's biological mother is also small. As for the injuries, Fenton admitted some, if not all, could have come from accidents.