Great American Weigh In

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Obesity has been on top of the list of national health concerns, and two organizations are raising awareness about a healthy body mass index.

Weight Watchers and the American Cancer Society have teamed together for the Great American Weigh In. All Weight Watchers centers in Lansing and Jackson will be open until 8 p.m. on Wednesday, March 5.

People can find out their body mass index, and get tips on maintaining a healthy one.

"We've heard a lot about weight being a risk factor for heart disease, but the link to cancer is one thing for sure I know Weight Watchers and the American Cancer Society feel really needs to get the word out on that," said Christine Winch, Weight Watchers of West Michigan.

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Great American Weigh In

  • The American Cancer Society is working with Weight Watchers for the Great American Weigh In.

  • Controlling your weight can help you feel better and more energetic, and it's important for your health.

  • Weight control is good for heart disease, diabetes, and now we know it's good for cancer as well.

  • They are spreading the word that eating a healthy diet and being physically active, are important ways to reduce your risk.

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