Better Way for Back Surgery

One of the more common types of back surgery involves fusing the vertebras in the spine together. The trouble is the fusion doesn't always work and even when it does, the bone graft taken from the hip is more painful than the back surgery.

Now there is a better way. Back Surgeons have a new Drug that may make bone grafts in back surgery a thing of the past. It's a genetically engineered growth factor called Bone Morphogenetic Protein or BMP for short.

In the spine special sponges are soaked in BMP and placed into titanium cages that are inserted between the vertebrae to be fused. The BMP stimulates bone growth enough that in clinical trials 99 percent of patients fused with bone grafts.

BMP is FDA approved for fusions throughout the spine, low back and neck. Reducing or even eliminating the need for bone grafts from the patient or a bone bank. But BMP works so well doctors are studying using it in arthritis, bone cancer surgery and broken bones.