Cold Weather Makes Fighting Fire Dangerous

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Unseasonably cold weather made fighting a fire at the Blue Gill Grill difficult and dangerous for Meridian Township Fire Fighters.

An employee called the fire in around midnight Sunday. It took firefighters seven hours to put out the blaze. Their work was impeded by below zero temperatures. Officials say the weather froze hoses to the ground. Keeping water flowing, not freezing, was also difficult.

Conditions for the fighters were treacherous, too. The more than 500,000 gallons of water needed to put out the fire also froze the ground, making it very slippery. Frostbite was also a concern. The American Red Cross was on the scene to provide support for the fire fighters. They were rotated in and out of duty as the hours went by.

Fire investigators are still looking into the fire. They met with the owners Monday afternoon to go through the building. Officials say the frozen water is making the investigation more difficult, too.