Slapping on a Patch to Lose Weight

Imagine wearing a patch to shed the pounds, that's the promise of a new product that promises to help people lose weight naturally.

It's simple you put the patch on and it curbs your desire for sweets, and the amount of food you take in. One person said they went on the patch and lost five pounds.

Experts at K.U. Medical Center say the patch does contain Iodine, which speeds up the thyroid, but the paperwork does not say how much.

The medical center says that this would be a product that perhaps thyroid patients should not take. It recommends something about diabetics, but that that someone on a diabetic diet should also not take it unless they know exactly what it contains.

Exercise is one of the safest things people can do to increase their metabolic rate and it's the safest way.

The patches come with directions telling users to exercise and eat healthy. With no scientific evidence to back up the product's claim, some people believe the patches may just serve as a crutch some people need to get motivated to lose weight.