School Resource Officers

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For the past two years Steve Whelan has been the school resource officer (SRO) at East Lansing High School.

"I think having an SRO is great because it creates that relationship with students, it gives them the connection they need," said Paula Steele, the principal.

Steele said she considers him part of the faculty even though he's employed by the East Lansing Police Department.

He teaches classes, gives the kids tours of the police department and works hard not only to create relationships with students, but families as well, but even though he's a mentor and friend to a lot of students, he's a regular police officer who is armed and there to help keep the peace.

"My whole job is to teach and try and be a mentor," said Whelan.

Whelan said one of his favorite parts of the job is just talking with students in the hallways and answering tough questions about how to stay out of trouble.

School districts in Mason and Grand Ledge also have school resource officers.