Lansing Schools Approve Cop Plan

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By a five to four vote the Lansing School Board approved a measure to accept a proposal by the City of Lasing to implement an armed police officer (resource officer) into each of the city's high schools (Eastern, Sexton, Everett) and the Hills Center.

According to board member Hugh Clarke, who voted against the measure, the four police officers would be taken off the street and they would be replaced by two new patrol hires. Overall LPD staff would go up two, but street strength would go down two.

Joel Maatman, director of public safety for the school district, says he observed a similar program in Fort Wayne, Indiana... and it worked well. He says the relationships the resource officers would make with kids would help deter problems before they start.

Clarke would like more questions answered before the program moves forward... and there are many details that need to be worked out before the officers are actually in the halls.

The board did also pass an amendment to the motion, putting all costs of the program onto the city.