Holland Hearing: Day 3

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The third day of testimony in Lisa and Tim Holland's preliminary hearing reveals suspicions school staffers had that Ricky was abuse. This hearing will determine if there is enough evidence to send Lisa and Tim Holland to trial on charges they murdered their son.

The first and second witnesses on the stand staffed the Special Ed bus that Ricky rode to school in. They testified they were told to put him in a harness, but they didn't believe it was necessary and disobeyed the order.

The bus driver, Marcia Polly, said Lisa Holland asked her to write pink slips when he was disobedient so she could take them to the doctor. It was testimony the defense presented as spiteful. She admitted under cross-examination that she had once called Lisa "evil."

The bus attendant testified Ricky was always hungry, and she and Ms. Polly began feeding him snacks after work.

A school paraprofessional, Joan Thomas, testified Ricky was very intelligent, but had a difficult time socially. She talked about a day where Ricky wore a diaper to school. The defense explained that by saying he'd had surgery, and was experiencing incontinence.

The school nurse, Carol Coxon, was the final witness to take the stand. She talked about Ricky in diapers, Ricky hungry, and Ricky bruised. She testified about one instance where Ricky's mom Lisa had to pick him up from school because he was sick. She said when Lisa approached, Ricky said, ""He said, 'Don't make me go home, don't make go home. Let me stay at school and he was screaming, over and over again."

She filed reports with Child Protective Services under the Department of Human Services. Under questioning, she admitted that department responded to her inquiries, saying they couldn't substantiate any allegations of abuse.