SSR Fanatics

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They're fanatics and proud of it.

Thursday many owners of the Chevy SSR got a chance to visit the birthplace of their rides before production stops.

The last SSR will roll off the line at the Lansing Craft Centre in about two weeks.

Cold weather and snow couldn't stop Chris Bellis from showing off his most prized possession with the top down.

"It gets more looks than the Corvette," he said.

Bellis drove his SSR 650 miles all the way from Pennsylvania to join a group of people called the "SSR Fanatics," a club that's not just for guys.

"Guys fall in love with cars, I could never understand," said member Debbie Cook, "but after driving the SSR I understand now."

The SSR Fanatics are 3000 members strong. They live all over the country and they describe themselves as one big family.

"Our love for this car brought us together," said Sandy Bigman, in town from California.

The group also toured the ASC plant, which makes parts for the SSR.

The last SSR rolls of the assembly line March 17.