Hospitals Cancel Appointments Due To Cold

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LANSING (WILX)-- If you had a doctor's appointment Monday, chances are you canceled it, or were told to stay home.

The snow and extremely cold temps had Sparrow and McLaren hospitals opening only the essential practices, and doctors are prepared for the closings to last more than one day.

Anil Kumar M.D. with McLaren, says he plans to stay the night at the hospital.

"I'm prepared for two nights. I have scrubs and everything for two nights."

On call Kumar must be less than thirty minutes away from the hospital at all times. The bad roads have made it too dangerous/time consuming for him to go home.

"Because of the weather it might take longer for me and it's not safe to drive there and back."

Working in the ICU Kumar is essential to the hospital, but other heath centers, clinics, and rehabilitation practices are not. That's why for everyone's safety (patient and employee) many closed Monday.

"Our patients would have to get out in the weather, and that leads to falls and more health issues," said Dr. Linda Peterson, Chief Medical Officer for McLaren.

Patients are urged to call before arriving for an appointment. Hundreds of people will have to be rescheduled depending on availability.

"It can be challenging, but the goal is to see all patients and have their needs met," said Peterson.

All the out-patient facilities that were closed Monday will likely be closed on Tuesday as well.

"I envision that this will continue because the will is expected to continue."

Patients who are planning to come to the hospital for non-emergent services, such as lab work, or to visit a patient are encouraged to stay home.

The following out-patient practices were closed Monday:

Sparrow Medical Group Midwest Ob
Sparrow Eastside
Sparrow Potterville
Sparrow Bariatric Surgery
Sparrow Medical Group Dewitt, including West and Senior Health
Perinatal and Okemos will close at 3 p.m and Mason at 3:45.

McLaren Cardiac Rehabilitation
McLaren Pain Clinic
McLaren Pulmonary Rehabilitation
McLaren Multi-Specialty Clinic
McLaren Grand Ledge Health Center
McLaren Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center

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