Morning BP Drug

Have you heard of Chronotherapy? It's using body rhythms to cure health problems. It's a whole new way of treating conditions like high blood pressure.

There are literally more than 100 drugs doctors can prescribe to treat high blood pressure, but Veralan PM is one of only two that actually work with your body's own rhythms.

The Medical College of Georgia's cardiologist Dr. Michael Prisant says these are smart drugs. They are designed to start peaking in terms of their blood concentration and reach their major peak at the time when most heart attacks and strokes occur.

He says that's in the early morning hours. It's when blood pressure rises.

Dr. Prisant led a nationwide open label study of Veralan PM to see if it could control morning blood pressure spikes.

Researchers studied 2,500 people all taking the drug at night and found it controlled blood pressure in 62 percent of patients.

Dr. Prisant says researchers must prove these drugs designed to work best when you need them most can prevent something like a heart attack.

His research is published in the December issue of the American Journal of Therapeutics.