Emergency Preparedness

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It's an exchange of ideas between state leaders and disaster relief workers to keep Michigan residents safe in the event of war.

"With orange alerts being downgraded to yellow, the whole idea of needing to be prepared is out there and I think what people need to know is how to get prepared," said Jim Laverty, American Red Cross.

At a meeting with the State's Homeland Security Committee, American Red Cross leaders demonstrated the essentials of an emergency preparedness kit, just one of many suggestions for Michigan residents.

State leaders say meetings allow them to hear the needs of first responders to help keep residents safe, and they add none of these discussions should increase the worries of Michigan residents.

"What you do with that information is up to you. Obviously we have to make decisions with our families so I don't think we're overreacting as we present information. It's important to keep the discussions going " said Rep. Mike Nofs, (R)-Battle Creek.

And at a time when the threat of war is on the minds of everyone, state leaders hope the talks of being prepared remain active at the national and state levels, and they will trickle down to the homes of Michigan residents.

For more information on emergency preparedness kits, visit their Web site: www.redcross.org.