Jackson Holds First Church Service Since Fire

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The Church of God on South Street in Jackson sustained about $500,000 worth of property damage after Thursday morning's fire. And the newly improved sanctuary was ruined by smoke. Still amidst the devastation, Pastor Frank Hampton and his congregation worshipped with joyful hearts at Gene Davis & Sons Banquet Hall.

"We empasis the spiritual aspects, and the circumstances don't affect us one way or another. We might have to regroup, but the circumstances don't have any effect on us at all."

Church members like Shirley Pitts think the fire may have been a blessing in disguise.

"Today a lot of people came just out of curiosity. You're having a service in a banquet facility? So I believe that's another way for God to get the Gospel out, by bringing us all together like this."

The congregation will continue to meet in various locations until the building is fixed. It's expected to take about three months to a year.