Old Town Hoping to Attract Brew Pub

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The Old Town Commercial Association along with the Michigan Brewer's Guild hosted its First Annual Beer Festival in Old Town. And people like Karen Powell were excited.

"I'm from Lavonia, and Lansing's not that far for a good beer."

But it wasn't only a fun time for the people at OTCA. The day was also about advertising. Executive Director Jamie Schriner Hooper says they hope the festival will encourage new businesses to invest in the area.

"Lansing right now doesn't have a brew pub and we're just astounded by that. And usually what we've seen is brew pubs tend to go in unique areas of town and older buildings. And we absolutely have that here."

Patrick Scanlin from Royal Oak Brewery says Old Town looks like a place the company might be interested in.

"It seems to have the clientele that are ripe for our type, the beer drinkers. It looks like a nice neighborhood with nice shops."

And beer festival attendees Craig and Wendy Thelen say they hope an Old Town brewery comes this way soon.

"We'd love if they opened a brew pub. I think the closest one is in East Lansing. So it'd be nice to have something in this area."