Factories' Futures

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In Lansing Township alone, the area GM owns could fit 4 Eastwood Towne centers.
It's some 175 acres in all, ripe for something.

"It's in Waverly school district, it's in Lansing Township, so the tax structure and school district would encourage development," explains Steve Hayward, director of planning and development for Lansing Township.

The Metal Fabrication Plant is slated to close later this year. The Lansing Craft Centre will close March 17.

"Ideally," Hayward says, "we'd like to see an automobile manufacturer use part of the property."

Hayward might get lucky. Supplier American Specialty Cars has said they'd consider moving in to the Craft Centre building, in partnership with GM. If that happens, Hayward would like to see a more mixed use, perhaps even residential.

As for Lansing Car Assembly, it's slated for demolitions. Local leaders are just waiting now for a timeline.