Students Want MSU to Support Affirmative Action

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A coalition of students at Michigan State University says MSU should support the University of Michigan's affirmative action admission policy - a policy currently being reviewed by the Supreme Court.

Students say university administrators can improve the racial climate on campus by showing support for the policy, which awards minorities additional points on their admission application.

They also say the University should be more proactive in denouncing racial injustices on campus.

University officials say MSU is part of the Association of American Universities, a group that publicly supported the University of Michigan's affirmative action policy by filing a friend of the court brief.

MSU officials say racial quotas are not part of their admission policy, but they say it is MSU's goal to promote and enhance diversity at Michigan State, and they're always willing to improve on that goal.

Michigan State University officials say no multicultural groups or programs promoting diversity on campus will be affected by the impending budget cuts, which is a concern for some students.