Highfields Board Meets in Private

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The Highfields Board of Directors will meet privately Wednesday to discuss an internal investigation into two abuse allegations.

A meeting with the Ingham County Judges who pulled 18 teens from the rehab facility last week is next.

Ingham County's Chief Probate Judge R. George Economy placed four or five of the boys who were removed from the Onondaga facility. Economy tells News Ten a solution is needed and fast. He's anxiously awaiting a meeting with board members hoping the problems at Highfields are fixable. If the problems aren't, Ingham County will have some problems.

Highfields is one of two facilities in Ingham County the courts most frequently order kids to. It's close to home so family members can be involved in treatment, too.

Currently there are no residents at Highfields. The six that were left were voluntarily moved to another facility.