Fragile X Syndrome Affects Children

As cosmetic surgery booms in this country, many of those seeking a more youthful appearance are repeat customers. But when a patient wants a complete "change of face" the problem may be deeper than it appears.

There's no effective treatment for Fragile X, Neuroscientists say it's cased by a genetic mutation. They found that there are more synapses in the Fragile X brain than in a matched sample of unaffected individuals.

Researchers say normally the brain develops more synapses than we need, but as we grow the extra synapses get pruned. In the case of Fragile X the pruning process goes wrong, the nerve cells has many more synapses.

Doctors speculate that this could be causing more noise than signal in their brains. As scientists learn more about brain wiring, they may be coming closer to a treatment.

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