Breslin Center Security

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Scott Breckner, Director of the Breslin Center, says Saturday's pre-game confrontation between an Izzone fan and a UofM basketball player was a unique event.

Breckner says the public is open to go to the courtside seating area before the game... which is where the incident took place.

He also says, while there are no armed guards in that area, Pier Security is present... both in designated spots and roaming throughout the area.

The fan - who was eventually shoved to the ground and taken to the hospital - was drunk. One two year member of the Izzone says they sign a contract stating if they are found drunk or with alcohol at a game they would lose their tickets and not be allowed back in the popular fan section.

The MSU Police Department has finished it's investigation and will turn over it's findings to the county prosecutor's office tomorrow. The MSU Student Alumni Foundation (which runs the Izzone) is still looking into the matter.

Breckner says he doesn't expect any major policy changes... but, will wait for the findings of the police investigation to be sure.

He also says that in 16 years, he doesn't remember one major disruption at the Breslin.