Highfields Internal Investigation

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A teen who reported an abuse allegation last week has changed his story. That according to the chairman of the Highfields board.

Chair Charles Corley tells News Ten, in reviewing Highfields internal investigation, staff spoke again with the young man who claimed he was led outside in his underwear by a male staff member. The resident also claimed his head was stuffed in a snowbank. The boy now says he was led outside without a jacket on, fully clothed otherwise. His second version of the incident said nothing about a snowbank.

Corley says there's been a recommendation to terminate the employee, no word on whether that has happened yet.

As for another abuse allegation made recently, one having to do with a shower prank, Corley says Highfields is still investigating.

Meantime, the Ingham County Sheriff's Office and the state's Department of Human Services continue to investigate both abuse allegations. Neither agency could be reached for comment Monday.

Six boys remain at Highfields, 33 were removed last week following the abuse allegations.