Pastor Deployed to Iraq

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Woodview Church of the Nazarene was filled with songs of praise but also tears of sadness. That's because Pastor David Sifferd is going to Iraq this week and will be there for about a year. Though he's excited, his heart was heavy at today's church service.

"I'm glad for the opportunity to go with my soldiers, because they need a representative. But I'm really sad about leaving my family, because they're the most important thing to me."

And he's not the only one with a broken heart. His wife Paula Sifferd is still dealing with the news.

" It was like someone dropped a bomb and I was exploding. But the Lord has given me a comfort and a peace that I can't explain. Because I didn't think that I'd be able to handle this.

Pastor Sifferd's children, Cirena, Deidra, and David know the situation is difficult right now, but they rest assured in the fact that their father will touch so many troops' lives.

"We're really proud of him. I mean not just any guy could go over there and do what he's going to do."