Fast Dinners

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This is a room full of busy moms. And dinner for five isn't always cheap or easy....
So once a month Claire Floyd gets together with
five friends at a place in Frandor called Dream Dinners.

"You come into our store once a month, you
spend two hours, assemble 12 meals, take them home and freeze them and you have meals for the month for your family"

That's Rebecca Clark, the owner.

The price varies from meal to meal... 16-75 for the
Chicken with Lemon and Artichoke Sauce... 23-50 for the Polynesian Flank Steak -- each meal feeds four to six adults.

The numbers... $300-400 a month for an average family of

The menu changes every month... February's Steak
Gorgonzola becomes March's Steak Salsa Verde.
The favorites pop up frequently.
The pitch is: time saved, money saved -- and no

Clark adds "we are here to spoil everyone. We do all the
shopping. We do all the chopping and we do all the mopping."

And that's the hook that gets these moms in the
Dream Dinners door... and back out again.

That's the attraction for one busy mom, "Oh huge time saver. I work full time, I have three busy kids so this is great."