Holland Evidence Release

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The transcript features testimony from the lead detective in this case, Sgt. Roy Holliday. He told the court last week Tim Holland says Lisa Holland killed Ricky, striking him with a hammer twice on July 1, 2005.

That testimony goes on to say Tim admitted disposing of Ricky's body and staging his room to make it look like he ran away. To add to the evidence against her, the papers also says another inmate Lisa met in jail tells them Lisa confessed to her that she did in fact kill her son with a hammer.

These accusations run in both directions though. Holliday also testified Lisa Holland told detectives Tim killed Ricky and disposed of his body, while she cleaned up the murder scene.

According to these documents, the autopsy is not yet complete. It doesn't exactly specify a cause of death, but it does confirm an injury to the skull as well as number of other fractures on the upper body.

It also details a history of abuse and humiliation of Ricky. It says the mental disorders the Hollands claim Ricky had were forced on him or perhaps made up. It talks about food deprivation, wearing diapers at an inappropriate age, and walking to school with a leash.

Tim Holland's attorney will challenge the prosecution's right to use a part of Tim's statement to police at trial in a hearing on Thursday.