Polar Plunge

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About 80 people dove into the lake at Hawk Island County Park to raise money for the Michigan Special Olympics. Although the waters were a frigid 30 degrees, many plungers didn't mind.

Karen, Jaime, and Kelly Therrian are sisters and are also teachers around the area. They decided to take the dip because they say they have a special bond with kids.

"All of us love kids, and we'd do anything for them. Just hearing the stories - people that we love and don't even know."

Adam Joy took part because he has a nephew who was born with disabilities. But he says he didn't realize how painful it would be.

"I can't believe I actually did it. It isn't real until you actually get in the water."

Heather Hutchins, the Public Relations Director for the Michigan Special Olympics says events like these are important to help fund the organization.

"It's a sports training competition, but it's more for our athletes. It builds there self-esteem and their confidence. It gets them out in society and they're such amazing people."

The Polar Plunge event raised more than $20,000 for the charity.