Lansing Mayor Crossing the Pacific

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In recent weeks several major companies from around the area have announced they are cutting back on employees. A total of 535 workers from both General Motors and the Electronic Data Systems Corporation will be unemployed very soon. And Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero knows the area is dealing with a major blow.

"We're in a global economy, that's a fact. Michigan's economy more than any other states has really been hit by that."

So Mayor Bernero is headed to South Korea. He hopes to convince companies like Hyundai and Samsung to invest in the community.

"We need to go over there, build these relationships. We're very fortunate to have meetings with the top leadership of these two corporations and maybe some other businesses as well."

He says he's also looking forward to Lansing's economic future.

"We have tremendous opportunities, tremendous strengths, and the ingredients for greatness."

Mayor Bernero is scheduled to leave Sunday for the four-day long trip.