315 Laid Off at Lansing Metal Center, All Headed to Jobs Bank

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More than 300 GM employees at the Lansing Metal Fabrication Center will be laid off as of Monday, when they will report to GM's Jobs Bank program. All will be paid for a 40-hour workweek while in the program.

"It's the end of a chapter," GM employee Connie Leonard, who is not being laid off at this time, said.

For many, it's the end of 20 or 30 years of work at the Lansing Metal Fabrication Center in Lansing Township. UAW Local 652 Bargaining Chairman Art Baker says the jobs aren't being transferred.

"These jobs are done -- they didn't go anyplace else. They're just done," Baker said.

The plant stamps metal car components that are used by other GM plants around the country.

This round of layoffs is happening because a GM plant in oklahoma is shutting operations.

"As these plants set their schedules, we're at their mercy," Baker said.

The center will stay open long enough to make car components for use as parts.

"We know GM is closing the Metal Center ... it's their intent to do so within the year," Baker said.

But Baker says if sales at plants the Metal Center supplies grow -- the center might not close.

All the workers who told us they're among those laid off said they didn't want to appear on camera. But one worker -- who says she's likely to be a part of the next round of cuts -- says it's the end of an era for the GM and Lansing.

"They're all upset. Everyone feels the same. Many years here. And now it's over," Leonard said.

It's not known when the 315 laid off workers might be called back. The 315 are among the roughly 1,000 workers at the Lansing Metal Fabrication Center.

--In Lansing Township, Tony Tagliavia, News 10.