Holland Children Remain in State Custody

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Tim Holland cried softly from the moment he entered the courtroom, he and his wife both handcuffed to the desks as they watched Friday's custody hearing.

"They are placed with paternal relatives," explained Kathleen Daughtery, a case worker from the state's Department of Human Services. She testified the children are now staying in pairs, each two-some with one of Tim's sisters.

Lisa Holland's attorneys argued they'd be better off together, offering Lisa's sister's house as a better option.

"What we've offered is a house where they could all live," says Mike Nichols, Lisa Holland's attorney.

"Their lives have been disrupted enough; they don't need to be anymore," says Sam Reedy, Tim Holland's attorney.

His position was also DHS's. The kids remain with their aunt.

Meantime, the state will visit Lisa's sister's home to see if she is indeed a better caregiver. They'll also set up visits for that side of the family to see the children.

"I'd like to see them get on the same page about the children even if they disagree about the parents," said Judge Janelle Lawless.

There is one issue on which all sides agree: The children are not to visit their parents in jail.