LCC Opens Up

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The report investigates the 'Oracle' software, which is responsible for delaying financial aid payments to 19-hundred students... among other problems.

Sungard-Collegis, the firm which did the investigation, says the Oracle software does not work. The report also says the LCC Information Technology staff does not have the skills to work the program. And, Oracle is costs millions more than it's competitor.

That competitor, Banner, is produced by a sister company of Sungard-Collegis. LCC Board of Trustee member Mark Canady says that's a conflict of interests, and questions the objectivity of the report.

Canady further accuses the report as a direct attempt to smear former LCC President Paual Cunningham - who resigned last week.

Board Chair Chris Laverty is confident in the reports merits, and says they will work towards solutions to the problems laid out in that report as soon as possible.

In the meantime, an interim president has been named. Former Dean of Student Academic Support at LCC, Dr. Judith Cardenas was voted in by the board... five in favor of her appointment... two abstentions (Canady, Smith).

Copies of the Sungard-Collegis report, and the Board of Trustees Ad-Hoc report are available on the Lansing Community College website.