Yankowski Appointed Official Lansing Police Chief

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LANSING - Lansing's 'interim' police chief is now the 'official' chief. Mike Yankowski has now been appointed Lansing's Chief of Police. "Over the last six months I have closely observed Interim Chief Yankowski's performance, including his management and leadership skills, his relationships with community stakeholders, and his rapport with his command and rank-and-file officers," Mayor Bernero wrote in a letter to the Lansing Board of Police Commissioners. "I can say without reservation that I have been very impressed on all counts. His performance has been exemplary."

Yankowski was named interim chief in April. He is a 19-year veteran of the force. Yankowski has served as a street officer, canine handler, and field training officer. He was promoted to the rank of Captain in March of 2010.

In a statement to the media, Mayor Bernero said he consulted with the Board of Police Commissioners on Yankowski's appointment, who voted unanimously in support of of the move.

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