Lansing Family Caught In Crossfire During Weekend Shooting

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While Lansing police investigate several shootings that occurred in just the last two days, a family is trying to recover from being caught in the middle of one that left bullet holes just inches from where they sleep.
For Andrea Gray-Smith and her family, the aftermath is just as terrifying as the shots themselves.

"I was sleeping, all of the kids were sleeping," Gray-Smith said. "I heard gunshots rang out. It sounded like war."

It happened right outside her home around 4:30 a.m. Sunday on Heathgate Drive, a usually quiet neighborhood filled with working families.

Gray-Smith dropped to the floor and clung to her children when she heard the gunfire. Once everyone was safe and police arrived, she surveyed the damage.

"There were two bullet holes in my bedroom wall about two feet above where I sleep," Gray-Smith said. "Had I sat up, even sat up in bed, it probably would have hit me and I wouldn't be here today."

Evidence of the stray bullets can be found all around the house, both inside and out. They went through several walls, ricocheted on picture frames, and shattered the bathroom mirror.

Police say criminals don't think about what can happen if they miss their target.

"Shooters or bad guys, if they take into consideration where a bullet actually goes, the bullet's got to stop somewhere," Lansing Police Department Officer Robert Merritt said. "Unfortunately, it could hit an innocent individual and possibly do some serious damage."

In this case, a 22-year-old man was shot multiple times and is now in stable condition. But for Gray-Smith's family, being caught in the crossfire has caused even more damage than what the eye can see.

"We're dealing with risidual effects of what happened," Gray-Smith said. "My children are afraid to sleep alone. My son's teacher called me this morning, and told me he burst into tears in class and said he wanted his mom."

As they try to move on, bullet holes and a broken car window remind them of the ordeal, and how it could have been so much worse.

"It's also a constant reminder that God has a bigger plan for me," Gray-Smith said. "That is why my children are still here, and we're just thankful that nobody was hurt or injured. We'll be able to move on from that."

Lansing police do not have any suspects in the shooting yet. They said shell casings recovered at the scene could go a long way to solving the case.

If anyone has any information, you're encouraged to call the Lansing Police Department.

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