McCowan Family Plans To Appeal 2nd Degree Murder Conviction

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LANSING (WILX)-- Conner McCowan's family plans to appeal his second-degree murder conviction.

A jury convicted the Okemos teen in MSU student Andrew Singler's death Tuesday.
There's a very real chance he could face years, even the rest of his life, behind bars.

"It was tough on Conner to bear that burden, but under the circumstances for a young man of 19 he did as well as can be expected," said Chris Bergstrom, McCowan's attorney.

Bergstrom says in the jail McCowan continued his emotionless demeanor on the outside , but on the inside he was the frightened boy we saw from his testimony.

"There were a lot of emotions going on," said Bergstrom.

McCowan will remain in jail until his sentencing, when he will be transferred to a corrections facility in Jackson to be processed.

"He'll spend anywhere between 30 to 45 days where he'll undergo tests, physiological, education, and health," said Russ Marlan, spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Corrections

McCowan faces a minimum of twelve years in incarceration. Marlan says there're facilities specifically for younger criminals, but doesn't know if McCowan would qualify.

The McCowan family plans to appeal the case, but can't until after the sentencing in early November. Until then, Bergstrom say's they family's doing the best they can.

"They have a lot of friends. It'll be tough but they'll get through it," said Bergstrom.

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