Two Found Guilty in New Year's Murder

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MASON - Two men are found guilty of the murder of a man at a party store in Lansing New Year's morning. Delon Miller was convicted of open murder, and Noe Arcaute was convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting of Nicholas Jones at the Save-on Party Store on Willow Road on Lansing's north side.

The shooting took place just two hours into the new year. At the time police said there was a physical altercation that started in the store and then the shooting started in the store and continued outside the store. Four people, including Arcaute, were wounded in the shootout.

The courtroom had to be cleared after the verdict was read. Several people attending the decision began screaming and became disruptive. One person was detained by deputies. Jurors were taken to the jury room for their protection.

Sentencing is scheduled for November 22nd, where Miller will receive a mandatory life sentence. Arcaute could face up to life in prison as well.

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