Police Warn Homeowners About Recent Break-ins

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Police are urging homeowners to take precautions after several break-ins around Jackson County.

Homes, apartments--- even sheds-- have been broken into in the last few weeks around the city of Jackson and smaller towns in the county, like Grass Lake and Rives Junction.

Blackman-Leoni Township Public Safety is urging homeowners to take some security precautions:

*Make sure that you close and lock all windows when you don't absolutely need them open.

*Do not leave your keys in your car.

*Lock all garages, your house and car doors.

*If you have exterior lights, please keep them on whenever possible.

*Keep an eye out for your neighbors.

*If you see suspicious people in your neighborhood, especially late at night, please call 911 immediately even if you think it might be nothing.

Police also suggest keeping detailed information about your valuables. That includes snapping a photo, recording the serial number, and getting a basic description. If you have something extremely expensive such as jewelry, make sure you contact your insurance agent to get it insured.

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