Update: Bank Robbed in Charlotte

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CHARLOTTE - A bank in Charlotte is robbed Wednesday.

Shortly before 12:30P.M. the Fifth-Third bank on Lansing Street in Charlotte was robbed.

Initial reports say that a man in his 50's indicated he had a gun, but no weapons were seen. The man made no attempt to disguise himself, and is plainly visible on security cameras.

The robber ran from the bank south through the Carquest business lot and fled in a car eastbound on Island Hwy. He was last seen near Island and Hartel Rd.

The thief is described as a white male, 6'3", 180lbs, light brown thin hair. He was wearing a multi-colored sweatshirt.

The suspect's car is described as a black sedan, possibly foreign model. The license plate was white (unknown state).

The suspect is still being sought. Further details from Charlotte Police were not initially available.

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