Eaton County Deputies Search for Suspicious Truck

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A suspicious truck traveling roads in Eaton county has raised homeowners' suspicions and attracted the attention of the the sheriff's department.

The truck was spotted Tuesday along South Royston Road between East Spicerville and Steel Highway.

It is described as an older model Ford extended cab pickup with a loud exhaust and in very poor shape. It has a block stripe going down the sides and the plate was covered.

A man and two women have been spotted with the truck.

Homeowners say the people have been going door to door asking about scrap metal. At one home, the homeowner surprised the group and they searched his property. They sped off in the truck.

If you see suspicious activity call the Eaton County Sheriff's office at (517) 543-3510, the crime tip hot line at (5127) 543-5433 or email your information to

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