McCowan Trial: Texts Between Victim and Suspect Released

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LANSING (WILX)-- We're learning more about what happened in the hours before an MSU student was stabbed to death last February.

Text messages between Connor McCowan, Andrew Singler, and Shay McCowan were released in court today.
One of those texts included a death threat, but it wasn't from the teen on trial for murder.

It started with a text message from Shay McCowan to her brother, Connor at 2:00 am on February 23rd.

"Andrew just broke one of my ribs." -Shay to Connor

Shay was telling Connor that her boyfriend, Andrew Singler had beat her up that night while they were out.

"Our boss gave me a ride back to his place because I have a broken back and Andrew called me awful names over and over so idk what to do. " -Shay to Connor

However, these text messages were a lie. Shay didn't have a broken back or broken ribs. But Connor didn't know that at the time, and he got protective.

He told his sister that he was going to beat Singler up.

"I'll beat the .... out of him"- Connor to Shay

"I'll ...... knock his teeth out," -Connor to Shay

And while Shay was texting Connor, Connor was also texting Singler, and that's where things got heated.

The two boys started challenging each other to a fight. They were calling each other names, and talking about being the tougher man.

"I'm already awake I have no problem finding you just to whoop your ... -Connor to Andrew

"Oh your so hard Connor, I'm so scared," - Andrew to Connor.

"Whoop my .... dude, show me how to fight," Connor to Andrew

It was Singler who made a death threat, that he later tried to take back.

"Great, hurry up."

"So I can ,,,,, kill you," - Andrew to Connor

"Not literally, but your .... needs to be beaten,"- Andrew to Connor

The text messages ended at 4:05 am, and minutes later Singler's roommate was rushing him to the hospital for being stabbed.

After McCowan left the apartment, he took a photo of himself with his phone in his parents bathroom, around the same time Singler's roommate was calling 9-1-1. The reason why is unknown at this time.

The prosecution also questioned police about the murder weapon. A bloody knife found just a few blocks from the apartment. Detectives say McCowan told them where to find it.

"I located a folding knife next to the curb, in the roadway, that appeared to have blood stains on the blade of it," said Detective Edward Besonen, with Meridian Twp. PD.

Come Monday Shay McCowan will be in court to testify. Hopefully she'll be able to give light to why she sent the texts to Connor that seemed to start the fight.

We will be in court on Monday for that testimony.

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