Exercising Your Brain

We know that exercise can help you feel younger, but now there is evidence that aerobic exercise can lead you to a more youthful brain as well.

Writing in the Journal Gerontology Neuroscientists say one of the natural functions of aging is loss of brain tissue. Starting at around the age of thirty the human brain begins to lose tissue and it loses at the rate of roughly five to 10 percent per decade.

Researchers say the decrease in the brain volume affects many brain functions including memory, judgment, understanding and decision-making.

But exercise benefits the brain by increasing the blood flow in addition to increasing the production of various neuro-chemicals that protect nerve cells and aid in the creation of new nerve cells.

Researchers say even 15 minutes of aerobic exercise; three times a week can have a lot of benefit, but consult your physician before beginning.

For more information go to www.sciencentral.com/news