Safety Concerns in East Lansing

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Attacks on and off campus in East Lansing spurred Michigan State University students to organize a forum for area residents. Police attended the event and discussed ways in which residents can increase home safety.

The latest attack happened in January on Linden street. An MSU senior woke to find a stranger on top of her with a knife. She was able to bite him and scream, alerting her roommates. She escaped unharmed, but the suspect is still at large. He is described as slight in build with shaggy blonde or brown hair. He is between 5'5'' and 5'8''.

Police at the event said locking doors at all times is one of the most important things residents can do. Porch lights and trimmed shrubs were also suggestions. Police said it's also important to get to know your neighbors. They say familiarity with neighbors allows residents to watch out for each other.

MSU student organizers say they are now interested in starting a "lock you doors" campaign in the neighborhood.