Crash Victim Reunites with Lost Dog

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In a fatal car accident in August on M-52 in Webberville, Linda Stillman lost not only her husband, but her dog too after it ran away from the scene of the crash.

The family had been trying to track down the dog, named Lady, ever since but had no luck.

"We were scared," Stillman said. "She still had her leash on and we were worried about her getting tangled up on something."

But this week, Lady showed up early Wednesday morning on Maria and Joe Paget's doorstep of their home, which is in earshot of where the accident happened on Aug. 30.

"We heard something downstairs, like a big noise and we went to go check it out," Joe said. "We saw a dog laying on the back porch."

Through the help of social media and the 'Lost and Found Pet Connections' page on Facebook, word got out and calls started being made to coordinate the reunion.

Stillman said she'll never forget when she learned the news.

"I started crying immediately wondering just what my husband would've thought because she was his dog," she said. "He just loved her."

After surviving a month on her own the Paget's insisted on delivering Lady in person.

The couple met Stillman and her family at her home Friday evening in Chesaning, Mich.

Stillman said she was grateful to the Paget's for taking care of Lady.

"I'm just speechless," she said.

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